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Building Leaders are:
Ruth Vaal - Barnet                             Lynn Talamin - Cabot         Jody Oliver-Central office employees
Fawn Baesemann & Polly Joncas - Danville                                    Shirley Ryan-Peacham                   
Rita Harvey - Twinfield                       Molly Brock - Walden               Danielle Limoges - Waterford

Amy Flannery & Jody Oliver are the  Co-Wellness Champion of CCSU

Employee Assistance Program - Invest EAP

 INVEST EAP offers comprehensive, customized employee assistance services that promote the health and well-being of employees and the organizations they serve. Their program has been demonstrated to reduce employee stress, and increase workplace morale and productivity. They provide confidential personalized counseling, organizational and management consultation, training, and resource information in a prompt and professional manner.  

  Self Assessment
  Family Issues
  Mental Health
  Legal/Financial Help
  Work Place
  Health Issues
  Stress Resolution  

For more information please visit the website at:

Wellness Program

What is VEHI PATH?

VEHI PATH (Planned Action Toward Health) offers our member school employees and Vermont teacher retirees a plethora of cost-effective, best practice elements to help them live their best lives at home, at work and in your local community.  Are you a member employee?  If so, click here to learn more about all of our outstanding options to help you remain healthy or become a little healthier.  

Our VEHI PATH team works hand-in-hand with schools and school districts/supervisory unions to create and sustain safe and healthy work environments.